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Restoration And Reproduction of Clock Dials in Hingham

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Clock Dials  Ltd.

Astrid has been researching, restoring and lecturing on antique English and American Decorative Arts since 1966.  Her expertise in restoration is considered one of the best in the country. Collectors and antiquarians depend on her knowledge and experience. She is schooled in the traditional  fine arts techniques and offers true restoration.

As a child of 5, her god-mother noticed her sketching with pencil and paper and told her parents," You have to send that child to art school". Although she was a straight A student in art, she listened to her parents and later in high school she took the business course.  By 1966 she discovered early American antique decoration and became a member of the Historical Society of Early American Decoration and went on to win awards for  her artistic skills. She became a Master Craftsman and Master Teacher. The association with HSEAD was the background of her artistic learning and in 1980 she was called upon to restore a Simon Willard tall clock dial which was  saved from a fire. She joined the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors being sponsored by the late Herschel Burt.  She continued to school herself in horology and restoration. By 1985 her husband Lloyd had just retired and joined her in their  restoration work.

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Husband Lloyd, at work, using a declivity board ( a special slanted board) to elevate and fill a clock dial with areas of loss.  Lloyd retired after many years of serving as a licensed Boston Construction Supervisor and builder. His attention to fine detail has been the beginning of many dials being saved for clients, historical societies and museums. 

The collaboration of this husband and wife team has been a respected source for quality restoration of valuable antique timepieces.  They offer professional experience and dedication to their craft.

​​​Ornamental Artist  
  Specializing in Preservation, Restoration and Reproduction

Astrid Donnellan