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Restoration And Reproduction of Clock Dials in Hingham


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Eli Terry Pillar and Scroll shelf clock

door glass reproduced.

Dial Cleaning     


Paper and Marble dials

Adhering flaking paint

Antique Clock dials and Reverse painting on Glass

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Decorated ( hand painted) antique clock dials and glass paintings (1790-1860) need constant attention. Through time, environment and use, they become victims of deterioration and neglect. It is important  that they be stabilized and restored to as near original condition as possible to maintain their value. It is equally important to select an artist trained in the proper procedures in treating surfaces of iron, metal and glass and one who has knowledge and experience in the traditional artistic techniques.

Reverse Painted Glass Reproduction

Stenciling, Gold leafing

Faux Graining

1767 Restored Dial

Dial and glass restoration includes adhering loose flakes, treating rust, filling areas of loss, cleaning, color matching, repairing graphics, inpainting of decorative art work, stencil or gold leaf replacement, sealing and a hand rubbed finish.

A Massachusetts Shelf Clock

Reproduced door glass.

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